February 3, 2012

Tid Bits and Its my Birthday

Its Friday - And My Birthday - And I'm not working!
I turn 26 today.  For some reason this seems old even though I know its not.
  • Sometimes when Brudder gets in a really hard kick I stop and think :: Wow, Ohmigod.  There is a little person growing in my belly ::  So weird when you really stop and think about it. 
  • On the other hand I have never stopped and thought ::Wow.  I have a penis growing in my belly::  My cousin Addie asked me this shortly after I found out I was pregnant this time.  She asked me if when I was pregnant with Asher if I ever thought about the fact that I was a woman with a penis growing inside me.  No, I hadn't - until then.
  • We're on our way up to Kalahari for the weekend.  Asher is either going to love the water park or hate it.  For my sake I hope he loves it.
  •  Asher has now gone one full week of sleeping in underwears!  He hated wearing pull-ups at bedtime so I gave him the option of wearing his underwears if he would give up his nighttime "widdle bit of water."  So far we've done great!  I can't believe how grown up he's getting!
  • I'm really hating clothes right now.  The dress code at work is kind of out the window right now and I just wear what fits.  Yesterday morning I came in (in jeans again) and was complaining on how nothing fits and I hate clothes.  I sat down at my desk and there were flowers and a card with a gift card to Motherhood.  I love my co-workers!
  • Barb and Nikki also took me out for lunch yesterday!  Then in the afternoon everyone's favorite Coroner Mike Burke came in and sang me all 5 verses of Happy Birthday - it was a pretty good day.
  • But it got even better last night when Leah from Marital Bless left a comment on my little blog.  I LOVE her and her little family :)
And this week in pictures...

Monday night we went to Grandma Jane's.  She is re-doing her livingroom so Dustin ran the wiring to hang her TV above her fireplace.  Asher thought he was a big help and enjoyed a sucker (or 2) with Papa.
I had one of these Sunday morning at Milissa's and it was yummy.  I had to run out to the grocery store on my lunch this week to buy the stuff to make it!
Check out Dustin and Ella hanging out last weekend. 
I think they had some great cuddle time!
Milissa and I ran to Hobby Lobby last Saturday afternoon.  I've almost finished her bag and can't wait to send it to her!


Sara said...

Happy birthday, and have fun at Kalahari! We pass that water park on our way to another resort up in the Dells. It looks like a lot of fun. Hope Asher enjoys himself! :)

rachel b said...

happy birthday!!!!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday!!