February 14, 2012

Maternity Shirt Re-Do's

A couple of weeks ago I was so over my maternity clothes.  I decided to take a couple of those shirts I had from Asher that I never wore and try to make them just a little bit cuter... if it was possible.
I started with one of the ugliest ones I had.  That way if I totally ruined it I could throw it away.
Just not flattering!
After seeing this tutorial on Pinterest I found out that ruching the side seams is actually much easier than I what  I did on the swim suit. 
I measured about 4 inches down from the arm hole and about 2 inches up from the bottom hem.  The I measured the space in between divided it in half and added about 1.5 inches.  Got all that?  I then cut a piece of elastic that length and pinned it the 2 inches from the bottom and 4 from the top.
I then secured the elastic right on top of the seam where the top pin was (making sure to back stitch).  Then just stretch the elastic to come down and meet the other pin and sew.  It will look pull itself together and you're done!

I also like a more banded bottom so I cut a small slit in the inside hem of the shirt.  I measured a piece of elastic around my waist and fed it through with a safety pin.  Make sure to pin the other end to the shirt so it doesn't pull through!  Then I just sewed the elastic ends together really good and sewed up the hold I cut in the shirt.
Still not exactly cute but its bettter!
Asher thought I was pretty.  Thats all that matters anyway!  And this took about 20 minutes.
So I grabbed 2 more shirts I paid about $3.00 each for and I had never worn.
And did the same thing!

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