March 14, 2012

I Feel Better

This week I've had a couple of people ask me about doing some pictures this spring.  At first I wasn't sure how I felt.  I'm getting pretty awkward these days with this big 'ole belly so I wasn't sure how to answer.  Although the weather is looking AWESOME for this time of year the grass and trees are still looking pretty yucky.  Last fall I had hoped to do a few sessions this spring before Brudder arrived.  Now that I'm in full blown preggo mode things aren't as "easy" as I had thought they would be.  After I turned someone down on Monday I talked to Dustin about it that night and he encouraged me to think about it some more and to try to come up with some kind of alternative since I can't really do the types of photos that I'm used to.  So I thought about it that night and emailed the lady back the next day.  We booked her daughter's senior session for next weekend!  I'm so excited/nervous to get back behind my camera but I've really been missing photography. 

So I booked one session and I'm in the process of setting dates for 3 more!  I cannot wait to do some maternity pics of my friend Carlee.  We're going to be quite a pair waddling around trying to do pictures!  Then I'll have some more senior pictures with her brother Tanner and family pictures with my cousin Kristen

Also, I just booked a maternity/family session with my friend Bri the end of April!  I cannot wait to meet her in real life - I totally forgot we've never actually met in person :)  I'm so glad to be excited about photography again and I can't wait until Brudder gets here so I can practice on him!  These days Asher screams and runs from the camera so he really isn't willing to be a test subject!  I just hope I haven't forgotten too much since last fall :)


Wish I Might said...

So glad you're going to be taking more pictures! You do a great job and you are a very quick learner. Yay!

It's kind of exciting that I have an internet friend I get to meet! So happy that you asked me to take the pictures!

Julie S. said...

How exciting! Between the kiddos schedules and B getting busier, I don't even have time to do picture for my OWN kids. It's so frustrating! :) Glad you are getting some sessions in! That is awesome!