March 13, 2012

A Few Pictures

Somehow there are always a few pictures that don't really work their way into a post.  Things have settled in around our house and there isn't much going on these days.  I should be working on getting ready for this Lil Guy to come but I just don't seem to have the motivation yet!
For Valentine's Day The Sister got Asher a 45 piece farm animal set.  Asher LOVED it but they are all over our house now.  Thanks Taylor....
Evidently the waterline on my fridge leaked at some point so before my Uncle Bob could refinish my kitchen floors he had tear our about 1/3 of the flooring and replace it.  Bummer.  Dustin replaced all the waterlines on the back of the fridge so it won't happen again.
Of course Asher ran in his room to get his tools so he could help!

I entered my Dad in a hardest working hands contest.  Yes, they usually look like that - pretty painful huh?


Leah said...

Isaac has a similar animal set, they are EVERYWHERE! And my goodness, yes those hands look painful.

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Asher loves those little animals and Hot Wheels cars - but they are EVERYWHERE! He even sleeps with about 10-15 every night :)