April 10, 2012

34 Week Appointment

Weight Gain This Appointment:  5 pounds in 2 weeks.  Someone help me.
Total so Far: 34 pounds
Belly Measurement:  33 cm
Brudder's Heart Rate:  130's
What's Next:  Yesterday we discussed several things.  First of all I'm no longer worried that Brudder is sunnyside up because he is now transverse!  Ugh.  I knew he was laying really funny the last couple of days.  I was afraid she would tell me that.  I have a size and position ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday so hopefully he does some movin before then.  I really don't want to have the option of a VBAC taken away from me by one stubborn little man.
And in case you were wondering how that affects by belly - this is what I'm dealing with!  I can tell he is completely sideways and lopsided.  Someone even made a comment about my belly being lopsided when I walked into the Dr's office.

I also told her I would like to look at options other than an epidural.  I know right now its easy to say that I want as little pain intervention as possible but the day of I'll pry be begging for it.  Right now the plan is to take it as it comes and see how it goes.  I also asked how many people can be in the room during labor... one person besides Dustin.  I told Mom her and The Sister would have to duke it out but Mom said she isn't even giving Taylor the option.   

PS - Happy Birthday today to Dustin's Dad and Miss Mel!


Natalie said...

Turn, baby, turn! Hope you get your wish!

Julie S. said...

I hope he moves for you!