May 1, 2012

37 Week Appointment

Weight Gain This Appointment: 0!
Total so Far: 34 pounds
Belly Measurement: She didn't take it since I was "full term"
Brudder's Heart Rate: 150's

What's Next:  Another quick and easy appointment.  I tested positive for Group B Strep - I was a little surprised because I don't know anyone who has ever said they had a test come back positive.  She said its no biggie unless I come to the hospital ready to push.  They will just need to give me antibiotics every 4 hours while in labor.  I also had blood in my urine - which I did with Asher at this time too.  When she started feeling around on my belly I could tell she was having trouble finding his head again and judging by the two huge lumps on top I was wondering myself if his head wasn't down again.  She said that she wasn't going to worry about it yet because he still had time to turn.

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