May 2, 2012

RJ's Senior Prom

On Saturday RJ had his Senior Prom.  I'm still a little surprised that he went at all.  I had done Kate's hair that morning then Asher and I had a little nap before we went over to Mom & Dad's to see all the kids.  I still can't believe that RJ, Jordyn and Kate are old enough to be going to Prom!  Makes me feel a little ancient :(
RJ & Bryton
Trent & Jordyn

Katelynn & Tyler

RJ with Mom & Dad

And The Sister before she headed to Brantley!
Someone had to be woken up from his nap...

Yes, I feel ancient.  Gotta find my pics of me with Heidi and then me with Kate!

Best Buds

She was 7 when we started dating...

Finally!  A happy boy!

One of my favorites
The thumbs up

I love these next couple

Asher wouldn't let him leave...

Without one last high five!

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Jill said...

Katelyn wore my sisters dress, looks gorgeous!!