May 14, 2012

An "Oh Shit" Moment

On Sunday I took something into Brudder's room and just stood there.
I thought "Oh Shit" there is going to be a new person in this room in less than a week (I hope).
 Maybe it was the itty bitty diapers that fit in the palm of my hand.
 Or all those tiny shoes.
 Maybe it was seeing all of Asher's clothes hanging in the closet.
 But I think what hit me the hardest was taking Asher's name off of the wall.  It made me so sad that this wasn't his room anymore but I'm sure all of that sadness will disappear when his brother arrives.

And gets to come home.


Wish I Might said...

His room is awesome, Tess! So excited for you and your family. I pray all goes well!!

Jessie said...

It's INSANE looking at that counter and seeing '7 days' left.

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Thanks Bri! And Jessie, It is seriously scaring the crap outta me to see that ticker keep going down!

Julie S. said...

His room is SO cute! I love it!