May 11, 2012

Tid Bits

  • Happy 22nd Birthday to The Sister!!!
  • My Bub LOVES country music.  He gets this from his Mommy and it makes me very happy BUT I'm a little worried that my 3 year old walks around singing "I'm a little Drunk on You" - "Ice cold beer sittin in the console" - and random things about "moonshine."
  • If you ask Asher what his Brudder's name is he'll either say Brantley or Brick.  Obviously we love our Brantley and Hart of Dixie a little too much.
Napping at MeMe's

Asher riding Papa's 1940's scooter!

He was a pro!  I can't believe how good he rode this big old thing

Swimming with TeeTee

Big boy swapped his seat so The Brudder can sit behind Mommy's seat.  Such a stud in his shades.

Daddy finally carried his saddle stool into his room.  It looks so cute in the corner!

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