June 29, 2012

Asher's Got a New Ride

Shortly before Asher's Birthday Dustin bought an old 4 wheeler that supposedly needed only one part... we replaced that and between Dustin and our Dad's they still weren't able to fix it.  Which was OK with me because the thing was ancient and didn't seem too safe.  So we just kind of gave up on it.  But of course Asher was disappointed that it never ran.  Dustin and I had told Asher we would get him something else next year.  End of discussion.

A few weeks ago we were hanging out at Mom and Dad's on a Saturday.  Dad got a phone call and jumped in his truck and left without telling anyone where he was going.  I just figured he got a call for a tow.  When he got back he had this in the back of his truck...
We were all suprised - especially Meme who didn't know Papa was buying his lil guy a new 4 wheeler :)
 Asher was soooo "cited!"

 Dad had me in mind when he got one with a button I can push to shut it down... don't want him going too fast.
 On the other hand - maybe he wasn't thinking of me...

 What a cheesy smile :)

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