July 2, 2012


Don't let this picture fool you:
Its not all rainbows and unicorns around here.

The adjustment to 2 kids is hard.  Especially when I never learned how to disipline Asher.  After I was at work all day I felt so guilty about being gone that I let him have anything he wanted, do anything he wanted and was basically at his beck and call.  I never really disiplined him either.  I'm paying for that now. 

I seem to be the only one he won't listen too (well, except maybe my Mom who is a major push-over too) and it is soooo frustrating now that I've got Adler that I'm trying to take care of at the same time.  He completely ignores what I say and seems to know just how to push my buttons.  The poor kid never learned to have patience because I always jumped to get what he wanted - now it seems like I spend half my day nursing and I can't just jump when he needs something.  I seem to frustrate him just as much as he frustrates me.  When I get a spare moment (ha!) I'm going to re-read 123 Magic which is a great book that I read when Asher was about 18 months.  The concept is great but at the time Asher was still too young to understand.  I think we'll try it again. 

Adler is doing great!  He eats like a chomp I mean champ - or maybe I mean both.  The beginning of last week I was hit with another round of mastitis.  More golf ball boob, more fever, more chills and more headaches.  I can't decide which is worse - the c-section recovery or getting this twice in 3 weeks.  I've made it longer without having to supplement with formula this time so I'm very proud of myself.  I just want to keep chugging along.  I did away with the shield and totally quit pumping and things seem to be going MUCH better now.  But he is growing like a weed and we've already gone through pretty much all the NB - 3 Mo clothes!  He is such a big boy!  Adler is still getting up once a night (usually around 4 AM).  Asher started sleeping through the night by 6 weeks so I'm hoping Adler will soon follow in his footsteps.  He is getting way too big for the bassinet and I tried to have him sleep in his crib the first time on Friday night but I just couldn't have him that far away from me.  I have a little bit of seperation anxiety. 

Last week we did get the results of his Echo.  Adler has mild pulmonary stenosis and a couple of other things that I can't remember the name of just now.  I have aortic stenosis so its basically the same thing just in a different area of the heart.  Right before I was married Dr Bash told me that my children had a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting what I have... we should have named him Murphy.

So Adler will see Dr Bash (Yay!) on August 2nd to have him review his file and get a check up.  I'm very excited that he will be seeing my cardiologist.  I have been seeing Dr Bash since I was 10 or 12 and he said I can continue seeing him until he retires or I start smoking - whichever comes first :)

So that is basically what is going on right now.  Adler turned 6 weeks on Friday which is absolutley crazy!  Makes me soooo sad that I'm already halfway through my maternity leave - although I am SO greatful to have a full 12 weeks off. 

Dustin and I also "celebrated" our 5 year Anniversary on Saturday night.  If you call going to Saybrook with my parents for pizza celebrating.  I called and asked him if he wanted to go out just the 2 of us or go with my parents - he said we'd go with them - I was thinking the same thing!  This is the first time I left Adler and I'll admit I had a small panic attack on the way there.  I left them with Nannie Jane who is probably the only person I'd let watch him.  We were only gone a couple of hours but I'm in no hurry to go anywhere again!  I didn't leave Asher until the weekend before I went back to work - he was 12 weeks old!

I really will try to get better at this but I just can't believe how fast the days go and how I get absolutley nothing accomplished - but I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Brooke Grieder said...

Glad to hear how you guys are doing! Dr. Bash was Charlotte's cardiologist after she was born...wonderful man! I am glad Adler is in good hands with him and I love that he is your doctor too!

rachel b said...

your first two paragraphs are exactly how i felt when natty was first born - brady was 22 months old and had never been in trouble before! it does get better, i promise!!!

Jill said...

Owen saw Dr. Bash today. He was great! I was anxious to hear how it having 2 little ones compare to just one. I'm super nervous!

Julie S. said...

The adjustment to two IS hard, but I promise, it gets easier. What cute boys!