August 24, 2012

Asher's First Day


 Asher's teacher Miss Vercler texted me this picture yesterday morning and it said 
"I'm coming back!"

This made Mama feel SO much better!  How awesome of his teacher to do that, she knew I was having a hard time with him going to school.  Then his sitter texted me and said that he got off the bus fine and said that he had fun.  I called him at lunch and he said he had fun and liked his teacher.  I'm so glad that he seems to like school already!

But when it came time for him to get on the bus this morning there was some major kicking, screaming and tears.  I felt like such a bad Mommy for just stepping down and leaving him on the bus like that.  It was awful.  So I've got my fingers crossed that once he calmed down this morning everything was good again.

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