May 18, 2013

Adler is One

   I cannot believe you are one.  This year has gone soooo fast!  You started taking steps last week and now prefer to just stand and smile at us!  You aren't walking everywhere yet but you will be soon!
You are still on breastmilk!!!  Our supply is SUPER low but we've made it to a year.  YAY for us!  That was a huge goal for Mama and I'm so proud of myself - cuz it was one tough year for me.  You love to eat big boy food.  A few of your favorites are Lost in Time's cinnamon rolls and frozen pizza (relax people - I don't always feed him junk). 
 You have SEVEN teeth!  And five of those decided to all come at the same time.  That was a rough week :(  I think you weigh about 23 pounds.  We go to the doctor and cardiologist next week so we'll get all your stats then.
We have your big carnival themed party today.  I'll be sure to take pictures since you won't remember it :)  You have the sweetest personality.  You are still a very serious little guy and just love to watch people and take everything in.  You think your Big Brother is the funniest person ever and love to giggle at him all the time. 
 You're so freakin handsome.
I can't remember what life was like before you were here.  Asher was made to be a Big Brother and has adjusted so well.  We have so many fun times ahead of us and I'm so thankful to be able to spend my days with such handsome little men.  You make Mama so happy Herman. 
I Love You Little Buddy.

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so glad to see you're blogging again :-]