March 24, 2010

My Little Puff Monster

My little Man went from not being able to eat anything solid to being a Puff addict in a matter of a week!  He was sitting in his highchair last night when I was putting the groceries away and he saw me put the Puffs away and started screaming and reaching for them.  He ate half a can last night after he had dinner.  Good thing Mom said they have Puffs at Sams, we're gonna need to economy pack.
I always love the pictures of Ashlyn with her bed head so I figured I'd let her know she isn't alone.  My picture was really dark and it was hard to tell so I had to use some effects so you could see his hair.

And here is the much over-due crawling video.  Asher has been crawling for a month now but I just now got around to getting a video.  He is all over the place and pulls himself up to everything.  He stood up by himself last night too!  I couldn't believe it!  He just stood up, looked at us and smiled and then sat back down.  Of course when I got the camera out he wouldn't do it again.  We also got another tooth yesterday, on top.  I think it won't be long before another top one emerges also.  Auntie Taylor also taught him to wave byebye while she was on Spring Break.  I swear she gets more done in a few hours than I do in a week when it comes to teaching him stuff.  I guess thats why she is going to school to be a teacher and I have no patience. 

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