March 24, 2010

RJ's "New" Ride

A couple of weeks ago Dad decided that he didn't want to give RJ his orange truck when he turned 16 anymore.  I can't say that I really blame him.  Dad didn't really have anything to replace it at the time and didn't like the thought of it parked at the school every day.
So then began the search for something different for RJ to drive on a daily basis.  If you know Dad you pretty much know RJ didn't have much say in what he got.  But he seems pretty excited about his new ride.  He even took me down to the end of the circle and back last night.  I really didn't wanna be seen around town in it to tell you the truth.  She's a little rough but maybe after some TLC and a new paint job it'll look better.  RJ will still have his Chevelle whenever that gets done.  IF him and Dad don't kill eachother over who has creative control.
What a sexy beast in his 1985 Buick Grand National

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