July 1, 2010

A Night at the Farm

We spent our Anniversary at the farm last night.  WooHoo how exciting!  The weather was perfect and Asher and Boo were so excited to play outside.  Here are a few pictures from last night.
The Sister.  Mowing it Old-School.

Our Baby Pontoon about to make its launch for the year

The river was up with all the rain we've had and I'm sure it was a good night for a boat ride.  However, Asher and I headed home before we got a chance to go for a cruise.

Mommy & Asher walked over to Aunt Heidi's to scope out her weed situation.

Pretty dire, that one behind me is taller than me!
The latest farm car was resurrected from its watery grave.



I ended the night with a run to Lynn Barnett's at 9:00 for an "emergency" massage.  I've been struggling with my headaches again and couldn't take it anymore.  I love that woman!  I went back to the Dr today and we changed my medicine a little bit so hopefully that helps!

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