June 12, 2011

8 Hrs Into 30 & Dustin is Feeling His Age

Where do I start?  In our family we don't have BirthDAY's we have BirthWEEKs.  Dustin's began on Wednesday when his Dad took him on the Power Tour with a bunch of the guys and their cars.  Here are a few of the pictures I saw on Ernie Tredennick's Facebook Page.  I couldn't get Dustin's pictures off of his phone. 
Ernie had a caption under this one saying "Tess, Dustin bought this today so don't get him a birthday present"  Perfect!  I had them come pick up that 26' Baja they just dropped off in the driveway. 

Dustin got home yesterday afternoon and I tried to surprise him by getting a couple of his friends together and going out.  Dustin, ever the party animal said he wanted to stay home.  So Derek Stephens came over and we ordered pizza.  I was so sad his wife Brynn couldn't come.  I love discussing with her the weird phenomenon that she likes to call Dustin and Derek's "Bromance," it really is a site to behold. 
Here's the happy couple now!  After I put Asher to bed they were itching to go out.  I gave them my lecture and informed Derek that he would be spending the night this time (you know me, safety first!)  So the boys went out to the races and I went to bed and read my book.  At 2:15 Boo started barking so I figured they were home.  THEN THE DOORBELL RANG.  Do any of you have short hair that you use a lot of product in?  What does it look like after you've slept on it?  I was freaking out for 2 reasons. 

1.  Asher was sleeping and someone was ringing my doorbell at 2:15 in the morning - I was seeing red.
2.  I looked like Holy Hell. 
So I threw on my glasses and a headband and went down to answer the door because Boo wasn't gonna give it up until I did.  There were 4 people sitting on my front stoop with their 6 packs wanting to know where Dustin and Derek were.  Ummmm not here, BUT MY SLEEPING CHILD IS.  So they left.  About 15 minutes later Dustin and Derek came home.  After I got them all settled in and got back to bed it was a little after 3, the last time I looked at the clock it was 4:10.  Asher was up at 4:45.  Shit.

Needless to say Dustin didn't feel so good this morning, I think he's feeling his age.
Happy 30th Birthday Dustin!

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Brynn said...

Sorry you didn't get much sleep :/ At least those 4 boys won't be back anytime soon!