September 13, 2011

Honest Abe Part 2

Remember last year when I posted pictures of Asher & Papa with Abe Lincoln at the Courthouse?  Well it just so happens that Dad came to lunch almost exactly a year later.  How could I miss a picture of the two of them together again - this will pry be another of those yearly pictures, much like picking up ducks at the fair.

And, same as last year, someone thought my Dad was my husband.
No, I'm so not joking.  I know that it could be possible given that we are 22 years apart.  But come on - it was even our weekly waitress at Bernardi's that asked Mom after me, Asher & Dad walked out if that was my husband.  Mom just laughed and said "no, he's mine."

This is much like a couple of months ago when we went out for pizza in Cullom and the waitress thought Mom was my sister and Taylor was like the "nanny." 

Note to self: have kids young so that people can't tell if you are their parents or not... this is a great way to embarrass your children.

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