November 26, 2011

14 Weeks

Thank God we're moving into the second trimester!  I've been feeling much better - still tired and I seem sore all the time but besides that I'm feeling pretty good.  I took my 14 week belly pics Thursday night at 11:45 PM.  Yes, I was waiting for Mom and the ladies to pick me up at midnight to go shopping.  I'm happy to say that I made it all the way until we got home at 10 the next morning.  It was a long night but we had fun!  Milissa brought me her doppler to use on Thanksgiving and the lil nugget's heart rate seems to stay in the 140's or 150's.  I know I've gained weight in the last few weeks but I guess I'll wait until my next Dr appt to see what the damage really is.

How far along?: 14 Weeks

How big is baby?: 3.5 inches or about the size of a lemon.

Weight gain/loss?: I'm guessing around 4 lbs.  Next appt is Dec 5th

Stretch marks?: Nope

Maternity clothes?: No. Every once in a while I'll break out a pair of maternity jeans for comfort but they're still too big.

Sleep?:  Good

Food cravings?:  Anything Mom is having on family dinner night.

Gender?: Don't know yet

Movement?:  Keep thinking I'm feeling little flutters but not sure yet...

Belly button?: Its already starting to look flat...

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