February 1, 2012

January Favorites

Its that time again - here are some of my favorite things from January.

The crazy weather.
I took this picture one day (it was 55 the last time I had looked) and the very next day it snowed, a lot.  I love that we're getting the good weather along with the bad.

Short Potty's
Nothing makes this Mama happier than when we walk into a public restroom and they have short potty's.  That means I don't have to try to hold Asher up to pee and he can just stand there and do his thing without having to touch anything!
My Bobs.
No, not Toms.  By the time I finally decided I wanted a pair of Toms the fabric that I wanted was no where to be found.  So I found these Bobs in a similar color/fabric and ordered them.  I must say I'm in love!  Dustin hates these things but they are super comfy :)

This whole sewing thing is new to me but I like it because its a challenge!  If only I had more time to do it.

If you haven't heard of Dustin Lynch I'm hoping you will soon!  I saw him open for Justin Moore in July and was totally impressed.  The only problem is when I got home there was NOTHING available for download and even the videos on YouTube were ones that people had recorded on their phones.  So I'm so excited that his first single came out on Jan 17th!  I bought the single that day and can't wait for more.

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