March 9, 2012

11 Things

Jessie tagged me in the 11 Random Things posts that I've seen on a lot of blogs lately.  Since it took me a whole 2 days to finish this I'm behind and all of the people I would have tagged have pretty much participated.  So I'm just going to give you 11 Random facts about me and answer her questions....k?
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11 Random Facts about me...
  1. I LOVE Dean Martin.  Always have and always will.
  2. I love spreadsheets.  I'm super organized when it comes to money.  The way I do our budget would pry confuse the heck out of you but it works for me.  We have no less than 2 checking accounts and 9 savings accounts - I'm not kidding.  I LOVE to set up automatic transfers and keep everything  seperate and in its place.
  3. One of the biggest things I deal with at work is keeping track of all the mobile homes in the County.  I love it.
  4. I didn't like The Sister until she turned 18.  Then something magical happened and she became cool.  Now she is my best friend.
  5. If you saw me out in public you would pry think I was shy - I really only babble like this to my family and you guys.
  6. I went to IAJHSC Leadership Camp in Jr High and it really did change my life!
  7. I don't break rules.  Hardly ever.  I always like to be on the safe side.  My husband however, will do things that drive me nuts like drive the wrong way through a parking lot.  Makes me crazy.
  8. During the summer in High School I worked at my Grandma's flower shop in the morning and my Dad's Body Shop in the afternoon.  Talk about two totally different jobs - but I loved them both!
  9. My Aunts/Uncles and older cousins call me Tessaroni.... isn't that terrible?
  10. Atticus and Allistair were on my short list for Brudder but Dustin quickly veto'd both names.  I for sure want something "different."
  11. I don't think I've slept "soundly" since Asher was born.  At first I was listening to him breathe next to me all night, then I was listening for his cry - and so on.  Now I keep one ear open all night to hear him hollar that he has to go pee.  I have a feeling this will last until he's at least 18...
 My Answers to Jessie's questions:

1. What is your favorite fast food chain? Steak N Shake
2. Do you like to work-out? Absolutely not.
3. What kind of sports do you like to watch?  I would rather stick needles in my eyes than watch sports.
4. Who is your favorite band/musical artist? DUH!  Brantley Gilbert!
5. What's your favorite movie/why?  I do not have a single move that is my favorite.  BUT there are several movies that I'll drop what I'm doing and watch if they are on TV: Rio Bravo, Steel Magnolias, 8 Seconds, Pure Country, Overboard.... just to name a few.
6. What's your dream vacation?  Sometime I would like to go overseas - you know, France, Italy.  But if I ever do it won't be for a loooong time.
7. If you didn't live in where you live, where would you go?  First of all, I would NEVER live anywhere else.  I must live within a 2 block radius of my parents.  BUT if I was single and had no kids I would pry move to some flat state like Oklahoma, Nebraska or Montanta - somewhere with cowboys....
8. How many kids, if any, would you have?  Although I still think I might want 3 someday Dustin says we're done so I'll be happy with my 2 boys.
9. Is there a celebrity that gets on your nerves? Why?  The people from Jersey Shore?  I've never watched it but previews on TV are enough for me.
10. Whose blog do you stalk religiously? Why?  Ummmm it might be easier to tell you whos blog I do not stalk!  A couple of favorites though are Katie and Leah.
11. Do you have a suggestion on a blog? Why?  Just look at the blogs on my sidebar for some of my favorites - of course there are more that I read but I just can't fit them all!

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Jessie said...

OOPS!! Sorry I just saw your comment!!! But, yes! I meant, like, blogs you suggest I read.... So, you answered it correct :D I'm always looking for more blogs.