March 8, 2012

The Ode to Glo

 Mom and Dad finished their basement just in time for Kristi's party last Saturday.  We are calling the basement the "Ode to Glo" because Dad was finally able to use a lot of Grandma's stuff that he had kept.  Here is the process! 
Some of the block wall had to come down to make doorways wider.
Room at the bottom of the steps before.
And After!  Dad will eventually put the rest of his Coke stuff in this room - including a vintage Coke cooler that holds 1000+ cans.  Its a monster. 
The main room.  This was done once in the early 70's I believe.  The paneling and nasty floor tiles had to go.
After!  We have another place to hang out :)
View from back room before...
And After!
Dad re-used the bar that was there but recovered the front with doors from Glo's pantry.  The cabinets in the bar area were from the pass through in Glo's dining room.   
The Spandrel is something Grandma saved out of the old funeral home in Fairbury before they tore it down to build one of the apartments.  It was in Grandma Jane's flower shop before it came here. 
When you are sitting on the couch it is just like sitting in Glo's living room.  Dad took apart her book case piece by piece and saved it so it could someday be moved downstairs.  And it looks great!  He stuck her TV back in there and put a lot of her things back on the shelves. 
Behind the bar. 
Back room before. 
And after!  They put their old dining room table in chairs in there for overflow seating.  Eventually Dad's old glass bakers cases will go in there filled with all the old crap he's collected over the years :)And just cuz its cute - Asher and Papa's boots

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