March 7, 2012

Aunt Kristi's Birthday Bash

On Saturday night we had a party to celebrate my Aunt Kristi's 50th Birthday!  Saturday also happened to be her and Uncle Bob's 34th Anniversary.  Yes, if you did the math they have been married since she was 16!  I can't imagine a 16 year old making it that long today so I give them LOTS of credit!
The Brucker kids played with the little kids all night and they had a blast!  Asher especially loved the fort under the old dining room table!
Somehow this is the only picture I got of the "party."  There were SO many people upstairs I tried to stay in the basement as much as possible :)
Asher playing pinball with Keegan and Cullen.
My Aunt Denise, The Birthday Girl and Mom
And with Grandma Jane
Happy Anniversary Bob & Kristi!

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Jarrin said...

i have 4 words for you: burnings of the boyfriends :-]