March 6, 2012

I Passed

Dr Austman's office called yesterday afternoon to let me know that I passed my 3 Hour Glucose test!  I felt pretty good about it when I left the hospital on Friday after the nurse told me that they had been having a lot of people fail the 1 hour test but pass the 3 hour. 

Just to be safe after I got the call on Thursday that I had failed the first test I ran next door to Pfaff's Bakery and got a cinnamon roll - you know, just in case I couldn't have another one!
So Friday morning I sat at the hospital for over 4 hours.  It never fails - I sit in the corner away form everyone else but I always end up with a chatty or somewhat stinky person next to me.  This happened multiple times over the 4 hours.  Can't people tell I'm reading and I don't really wanna talk?

After they called to tell me I passed my boss said we would have donuts to celebrate this morning :)


Wish I Might said...

Yay! Glad you passed! And, you work next to Pfaffs?? Holy crap... I'd be in trouble. They have the best donuts!

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Haha yes, I work next to Pfaffs! Everyone loves to buy the pregnant girl donuts so I'm sure it has contributed to my weight gain this time around!

Jessie said...

omg that cinnamon roll is killing me....