March 5, 2012

Family Time

Last Saturday we headed over to Dustin's Mom's house for pizza.  It wasn't long before Charlee found a dress up outfit.  Asher wasn't going to let her get undressed without getting in on the fun.  Shouldn't surprise me cuz this kid never wears clothes at home.

I just love his lil butt in Thomas underwears!

Then on Wednesday night we went to Dustin's Dad and Sue's for dinner.  They gave the kids their prizes from their vacation to Mexico.  Charlee LOVED her lil dress!
Hiding in Grandma and Grandpa's shower.
And hanging out in the jacuzzi.  These two are so much fun to watch together.  For the most part they play really good. 

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Leah said...

What is it about boys needing to be naked?! Super cute!