May 8, 2012

38 Week Appointment

Weight Gain This Appointment: 4 lbs!  In a week!
Total so Far: 38 pounds
Belly Measurement: She didn't take it since I was "full term"
Brudder's Heart Rate: 130's
Progress:  She didn't check me because I haven't been having contractions :(

What's Next:  What a disappointing appointment.  At this point when she says "I'll see you in a week" it makes me wanna cry.  Yes, I know that I still have 2 weeks left but I am SO over it.  So we'll go back in a week and see what happens.  She did say that she thinks he *might* be head down but if he is she thinks he is sunnyside up.  I asked her about the ultrasound to check my scar and she said that it was optional and she didn't think no matter what the outcome was that she would change her mind so she said we weren't going to worry about it and we can always check his position when we get to hospital.

She also said that she had a VBAC fail last week.  She said if you would have seen me the day after that VBAC I would have told you no.  I guess she was at the hospital 24 hours with someone and they ended up with a c-section.  She said once she got some sleep she changed her mind.  Thank God!  Hopefully we don't have the same problems.

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Hillary said...

Keep eating the pineapple and spicy foods and the baby will be her in no time! Maybe once some contractions start Brudder will flip over :)