May 15, 2012

Mudda's Day

Asher made me this for "Mudda's Day"
And this at his sitter this week. 
 The boys took me out for breakfast Sunday morning then we did some work around the house.
 Dustin mowed the yard.
 And we finally trimmed the tree in the back - it was waaaay overdue.
So of course Asher had to get out his chainsaw and help too!
 My other sweet boy hung out in the yard.
 Asher rode his tricycle the wrong way.
 Then finally sat down and peddled all over the driveway.  I can't believe how big he's getting!
 The boys went and got the boat and cleaned it....again.
 While I admired the flowers that my Grandma Jane put together for me :)
 We went to Mom and Dad's to give Mom her gift.  Asher found that he was handy with a leaf blower.
 Then we took a swim.  This Mama felt sooooo good being weightless in the water!
He wouldn't get off of the step until Papa just picked him up and took him out with him.  Then he was all smiles!
And we tried to get a Mother's Day picture.  But this is how Asher felt about it.

This week in the blade under the "20 Years Ago - May 6, 1992" They had something that I had written in Kindergarden about my Mom that was published that day.

Tess Weber, Daughter of Randy and Lori Weber, said, "My Mom picks up all my toys and cleans the house.  If I had a lot of money, I would buy Mom some flowers because she already has a golf cart."

I guess not much has changed :)

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