August 18, 2012

3 Months

     You are 3 months!  Where has the time gone?!?!  Mommy honestly can't remember what it was like before you were here.  You have fit right into our family and everyone loves you so much. 
You are finally smiling!  Although you do make us work for it.  I'm starting to see your personality develop and I think you are going to be my laid back little boy.... and a Mama's boy.
You have been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks and continue to do great!  Mommy had to go back to work this week so you're adjusting to being with your sitters.  I miss my boys so much during the day.
You are a big boy!  When we saw Dr Bash 2 weeks ago you were 14 lbs 13 oz and 24 inches long.  Aunt TeeTee and I weighed you last night and you're now weighing right at 16 lbs!  You've had a pattern of gaining about a pound every 2 weeks!  You are wearing a size 2 diaper and are in mostly 9 month clothes!  Thank God your Meme went out and got you a bunch of 9 month summer clothes because you're jumping way ahead of your brother at this age. 
Mommy is still breastfeeding!  I pat myself on the back almost daily for this - especially every time I have to hook up to that dreaded pump at work.  We are doing much better than me and your brother did - I think I'm more confident and comfortable this time around.
Speaking of Dr Bash, when we went to your appointment he was pleased to see that you were "thriving" and he thinks you're going to be just fine!  He has high hopes that the small hole in the wall will close before we come back in about 3 months and that your valve will either get better on its own or never get any worse. 

You are such a joy to me and our family and I can't wait to watch you grow up - just don't do it too fast

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