August 20, 2012

Adler's Baptism

On Sunday August 5th you were baptized!  We were so happy to have our family there to share your special day.

You were so excited you slept through the whole thing
 We chose Milissa (Aunt Lissa) as your Godmother.  Not only is she one of my best friends but she's been with me through some pretty important times in my life.  She was with me the day I brought Boo home from the flea market, she was there the day Mommy and Daddy got engaged and she was in our wedding exactly one year later.  I know you will always have friends in your cousins Ashlyn and Brody and a great Aunt and Godmother in Milissa.
 And we chose your Uncle RJ as your Godfather.  Although he is young, immature and a real pain in the ass he loves both you boys very much!
Ooops - guess I should check my settings before I hand off my camera. 
You looked so handsome that day and Mommy & Daddy were so proud :)

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