June 30, 2011

Me & You and a Dog Named Boo

We've been married 4 years.  Today.
I'm not really sure how we got here.
I know there was some help from Sara and my brother-in-law Beau.  I don't know how I went all those years being friends with Beau and not knowing his older brother.  But that night that Dustin called me was totally out of the blue.  And my Dad was none too happy that some 22 year old guy was calling his 17 year old daughter.  But I went anyway.  And here we are.
We've come a long way in 8 years. 
While our marriage isn't perfect - it works for us.
We're never afraid to be completely honest and tell each other how we feel. 

And he lets me be the boss most of the time.
Happy 4th Anniversary Dustin!

You can read about our wedding day here and here.

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rachel b said...

happy anniversary!!!!